Kicking The Gasoline & Petro-Diesel Habit


Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

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(1) Why should I buy this new report?
The report allows you to accelerate your organization’s transition away from petroleum, allows you to get into action immediately with the conversion to alternative fuels. The report contains many practical suggestions that can be used to jump-start your organization’s transition effort. For a detailed discussion of the specific reasons why this report is your best tool for accomplishing this important transition, see the Why You Should Buy page.

(2) Couldn’t I gather the information contained in this report myself?
Yes, that is possible, because all the information contained in this report originates from publicly available sources. But if you purchase this report, you don’t have to research the existing technologies, the existing products, and the existing services. You don’t need to develop strategies and a step-by-step approach for the conversion process. All that and much more is already done for you, and clearly specified in this ground breaking new report. For a more complete perspective about the information found in this report, see the Table Of Contents page.

(3) How will this report save me time and money?
The important information in this report will save you six months to a year of research time, time your organization can much better utilize actually making the conversion to alternative fuels. In addition, the book is an incredible value for money. This practical information, categorized, organized, and summarized such as it is in this report, would cost you at least $50,000 if it were to be generated via a management consultant. But the new report can be licensed for far less than 1% of that price. If you email us to request it, we will send you a spreadsheet which details the cost to develop this same information via in-house research, and through an independent management consultant. This annotated spreadsheet demonstrates that the new management report described on this site provides an incredible value for the money invested.

(4) What specific business need is addressed by this new product?
It is clear that the world oil supply will be significantly diminished in the years ahead, that the world’s supply of petroleum is now peaking. This peak oil situation, when combined with worldwide demand increasing at the rate of 2% per year, will lead to much higher prices as well as shortages. In addition, the reliability of the world’s petroleum supply is jeopardized by political disputes, embargoes, and terrorism. Global warming is also made considerably worse by the release of carbon dioxide, a major constituent of the exhaust produced by vehicles burning petroleum fuels. Thus, for multiple reasons, it is clear that organizations must promptly move away from petroleum fuels. This report explains, in practical down-to-earth terms, just how to go about doing that.

(5) Should I be worried that management at my organization really doesn’t seem concerned?
While the urgent need to transition away from petroleum is clear, at many organizations, management doesn’t know how to go about initiating this change. They are not yet aware of the action steps, analysis methods, business strategies, new technologies, and new services that can be used to rapidly accomplish the transition. To close this awareness gap, this book provides practical advice on: how to conserve gasoline and petro-diesel fuels, how to make existing vehicles that burn these fuels much more efficient, and how to transition to vehicles that use alternative fuels (including electric vehicles). The report provides a wealth of practical how-to information, gathered by an independent third party — information that assists management with its efforts to immediately get into action with a transition away from petroleum.

(6) Do I need any specific expertise to read and benefit from this new report?
No. The report is written for any businessperson with a high school diploma, someone with no expertise in the topics discussed in the report. The vantage point taken is that of a manager or executive in a business firm, a government agency, or a non-profit agency.

(7) Does my organization need to be at any particular stage in the conversion process away from petroleum in order to benefit from this new research report?
No. Organizations at all stages in the conversion process can substantially benefit from this new research report. The report will, however, be of greatest value to those organizations that have done little to move away from petroleum, as well as those that have only recently begun to transition away from petroleum.

(8) Is this new report designed to be used by organizations in a particular industry or in a particular country?
No to both questions — this innovative new report can be successfully used by individuals working at organizations in any industry, as well as individuals located in any country throughout the world.

(9) I need to learn more about peak oil in order to justify the purchase of this report. How would you suggest that I go about doing this?
We suggest that you read a few of the better known peak oil books such as: Twilight In The Desert by Matt Simmons, The End Of Oil by Paul Roberts, The Party’s Over by Richard Heinberg, or A Thousand Barrels A Second by Peter Tertizakian. Perhaps the best business-oriented report that can help motivate your organization’s management to proceed is Peaking Of World Oil Production – Impacts, Mitigation & Risk Management by Robert Hirsch. You can also do Google searches on the terms “peak oil,” “oil crisis,” and “alternative fuels” to find more motivating information.

(10) What is the release date of this new report? Is this information still current?
The release date is March 2008. The information absolutely is current and up-to-date. The report is based on thousands of sources, and over 1400 of these sources are used as references. We anticipate that regular updated versions of the report will be published in the near future.

(11) How can I be put on the mailing list to be notified about the release of an updated version of the report?
If you use the contact web form called Request For Contact, if you directly email us a message, or if you purchase a report, you will be automatically notified via email.

(12) Is this e-book available in any other languages?
At this point in time, the report is only in English. We anticipate that it will soon be translated into several of the most popular business languages such as Spanish, French, German, Arabic and Chinese.

(13) We need help with our efforts to move away from petroleum. Who would you recommend as a peak oil consultant?
We provide management consulting services associated with the conversion of business operations to alternative fuels. See the Contact Information page for the ways to contact us, so as to discuss this further.

(14) Are there specific products and services that assist with the transition away from petroleum, products and services that the author of this new report would recommend?
As a matter of policy, both the author and Post-Petroleum Transportation maintain an independent stance, and they therefore cannot recommend or endorse any product or service. The report discussed on this web site does, however, mention 500+ vendors that illustrate the many products and services discussed in the report. To learn more about the information contained in this new report, see the Table Of Contents page.

(15) Can I get a sample of the author’s writing style?
Mr. Wood has published eight books and over 330 articles. He is well known for his ability to bridge the management and technical worlds. You can find out more about his writing career, by going to the Author’s Biography page. We also suggest that you read the materials found on the Electronic Press Kit page, which he has also written. We additionally suggest that you read this new report after placing an order. If for some special and unusual reason this report doesn’t meet your needs, then request a refund.

(16) How can I get a salesperson to contact me and answer a few specific questions?
The best way to proceed is to send us an email message using the handy contact form located on the Request For Contact page.

Technical Questions

(1) Do I need any special software to read this e-book?
You will need to have a recent copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This widely used software is free, and it can be downloaded immediately by directing your browser to

(2) Can the e-book be read on any computer?
Yes, any major operating system, including Linux, Solaris, Unix, AIX, HP-UX, Palm, Mac OS, and Windows can be used. Support for these operating systems is available in fifteen languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Greek.

(3) How long does the e-book download process take?
After you have sent us your order with a credit card, ordinarily within a ten minute period, we will send you an email message with simple instructions for downloading your own book. You will then connect to our server, using any browser, and download your own personal copy of the e-book. The download process is instantaneous over a high-speed Internet connection such as cable modem, satellite, or direct subscriber line (DSL). It will take a minute or two if you are using a dial-up line or a wireless connection. To expedite the download process, we recommend that you retrieve your e-book with a high speed Internet connection.

(4) How big is the e-book? How much free space do I need on my hard drive?
Although it is 750+ pages, the e-book is only 5.4 MB. We recommend that you have at least 20 MB of free space on your hard drive prior to initiating the download process mentioned above.

(5) I have received my copy of this research report, but I cannot open it. What do I do now?
You probably have an older version of Adobe Acrobat on your computer, or perhaps you do not have any version of this software whatsoever. You should go to and download the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, and then try again to open the book.

(6) Can I share the important information contained in this report with my coworkers?
You are of course at liberty to share the ideas, concepts, strategies, and vendors discussed in the book. The specific text of the material is however copyrighted and licensed on a per user basis. This means that if you would like to share it with someone else, be they at your organization or elsewhere, they will need their own licensed copy. For further information about the license for this e-book, please see the Terms And Conditions page.

(7) Can I print, copy and paste, or save a backup copy of, the information from this e-book?
The permissions defined under Adobe Acrobat allow the printing of sections of the report, or if you wish, the entire report. This printed material is, however, only for your own personal use. Copy and paste operations are disabled under Adobe Acrobat in order to protect the material against unauthorized use. You are permitted to save a backup copy of the e-book so that you will have an archival personal copy. Note that all copies will have a watermark indicating the purchaser’s identity. For further information about the license for this e-book, please see the Terms And Conditions page.

(8) Will personal information disclosed during the ordering process be kept in a private and secure manner?
We are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of your information. We have prepared a statement about the privacy and security precautions that we take and you can read that by examining the Privacy & Security Policy page.

(9) I have a technical question about the e-book that doesn’t appear to be answered by this FAQ list. I would like to speak to a real person. How do I do that?
Please call us at 415-289-0800 (regular business hours Pacific Time Zone). You can also email a technical staff member at

Payment & Shipping Questions

(1) In what jurisdictions is sales tax added to my order?
US customers purchasing a hardcopy book, if they are taking delivery in either California or Texas, by law must pay the applicable sales tax. Customers in all other jurisdictions taking delivery of a hardcopy book do not need to pay sales tax. There is no sales tax on e-books. Please note that, accord to law, sales tax is applied to the entire purchase price, involving both the e-book and the hardcopy book.

(2) Can you handle orders via check or wire transfer?
We can process check orders if the check is drawn on a US bank and denominated in US dollars. The check must successfully clear before we will send the e-book or ship the hardcopy book. This generally takes seven to ten days. In order to expedite your order, we suggest that you use a major credit card and order on-line. To place your order with a credit card, go to the Order Your Copy Now page. We do not currently accept wire transfer orders.

(3) Can your organization accept a purchase order?
No, we’re sorry, but we are not set up to accept purchase orders. The easiest and fastest way to pay is with a major credit card on-line. To place your order with a credit card, see the Order Your Copy Now page.

(4) Is Post-Petroleum Transportation a corporation, or does our Accounting Department need to fill out an IRS Form 1099?
[US customers only] Post-Petroleum Transportation is a division of a standard C corporation, incorporated in California, called InfoSecurity Infrastructure, Inc. There is no need to fill out a form 1099.

(5) We are a bookstore seeking to place an order. How should we proceed?
We are not currently set-up to process bookstore orders. We suggest that you place an on-line order with a major credit card. To place your order with a credit card, see the Order Your Copy Now page.

(6) Five members of the management team at my organization each need copies. Can I purchase five copies at once?
Each of these orders will need to be individually placed on-line. If you would prefer us to do this data entry process for you, please contact us. You can submit your request via the Request For Contact page.

(7) Do you offer discounts to educational organizations?
No, at this point in time, we do not offer discounts to any particular type of organization.

(8) Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes, we offer an unconditional thirty-day money back guarantee. For details, click go to the Money Back Guarantee page.

(9) Do I need to pay delivery charges to ship my copy of the hardcopy book?
No, these charges are incorporated into the cost of the hardcopy book. Likewise, if the book is being shipped to a foreign address, and if there duty to be paid by the sender at the time the book is shipped, that too will be incorporated into the price of your hardcopy book.

(10) How long will it be before my hardcopy book arrives?
That depends on the address to which the hardcopy book will be shipped. All hardcopy books are shipped parcel post. Within the continental US, delivery generally takes up to five business days. An additional business day or two will be required for deliveries to Hawaii, Alaska, and US possessions. To international locations, delivery can take up to two weeks. We recommend that you purchase the e-book alone in order to expedite the delivery process, as well as minimize the consumption of natural resources.

(11) Can I check the delivery status of a hardcopy book that I have ordered?
We do not currently provide an on-line mechanism to track the delivery status of your order. If at least two weeks have elapsed since you placed your order, and your hardcopy book has not yet been received, please contact us, and we trace the status of your order with the US Postal Service. You can submit an email message via the Request For Contact page.

(12) Do I need to specify a physical address if I am ordering a hardcopy book?
No, we ship parcel post, so a physical address is not required. Delivery to a post office box is no problem.