New Action Plan Accelerates Business Peak Oil Transition To Alternative Fuels


New green research report-Kicking The Gasoline & Petro-Diesel Habit: A Business Manager's Blueprint For Action-provides business managers with everything they need to begin a transition of internal operations from petroleum-based fuels to alternative fuels. Enables managers to avoid the shortages and high fuel costs that will be caused by peak oil, as well as reduce global warming emissions, and end dependence on foreign sources of petroleum. Includes detailed conversion strategies, a step-by-step action plan, product evaluation criteria, extensive vendor lists, and related internal politics coaching.

Sausalito, California (March 2008) - Post-Petroleum Transportation, an independent management consultancy, announced the publication of its new e-book research report, "Kicking The Gasoline & Petro-Diesel Habit: A Business Manager's Blueprint for Action." This thoroughly researched report provides the summarized information that management needs in order to: appreciate the pros and cons of using different alternative fuels, understand that practical alternative fuel technology is now commercially available, and clearly envision their own organization's unique migration path away from petroleum.

Now available online at for $1,999, this down-to-earth report is designed for managers in business firms, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. It proves that a transition from petroleum is now cost-effective, feasible, and practical by providing all the necessary details to make a variety of management decisions, such as "To which alternative fuel(s) should an organization transition, and when should this transition take place?"

"We hear people say, 'There is no question that the world is in an oil crisis, and that our organization must be moving away from oil, but there are so many factors to consider,'" explained Charles Cresson Wood, author of this report, and an independent management consultant with Post-Petroleum Transportation. "Responding to that need, this 750+ page report summarizes the technological and managerial options, evaluates these options, and explicitly defines a course of action -- all from an independent perspective."

This new report identifies and analyzes the alternative transportation fuel products and services now on the market. It additionally includes technical details such as:

- 30 specific reasons why organizations must now transition away from petroleum
- 36 internal political impediments to moving ahead with this transition
- 17 specific methods to conserve petroleum fuels
- 32 new technologies that boost the efficiency of vehicles still using petroleum fuels
- 12 practical and now-available alternative transportation fuels

The report also offers a wealth of practical management advice including:

- 34 action steps to guide a successful transition away from oil
- 30 suggested criteria for making business-related transition decisions
- 95 criteria with which to evaluate alternative transportation fuels
- 50 different management strategies for engineering a successful transition

- 1400+ references that help readers quickly obtain more information
- 500+ vendors that can assist with this transition

This definitive report allows organizations of all types to rapidly transition to alternative transportation technologies including: electricity, hydrogen, bio-diesel, straight vegetable oil, bio-methane, natural gas, propane, ethanol, methanol, butanol, di-methyl either, and synthetic liquid fuel.

"Kicking The Gasoline clearly illustrates that there is no need to wait for any new research, that organizations can transition to alternative fuels today," says Wood. "Using an independent management consultant to prepare this material could cost at least $50,000, and take six to twelve months," he explains. "But now organizations can pay a fraction of that cost, and immediately get into action with their transition."

Charles Cresson Wood, president of Post-Petroleum Transportation, is a well-known writer in the technology field. Since 1979, he has served as a technology management consultant, researcher, and journalist, working with over 125 different organizations in more than 20 countries around the world. His most popular book, "Information Security Policies Made Easy," is used by over 50% of the Fortune 1000 businesses. Wood has provided expert business management commentary for publications including Business Week, Investors Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal, Time, and The Washington Post.

For more information, go to, email, or call Post-Petroleum Transportation at 415-289-0800 (Pacific Time).