Kicking The Gasoline & Petro-Diesel Habit

Author’s Independence

As the following Code Of Ethics statement indicates, the staff at Post-Petroleum Transportation, including the author of this new book Charles Cresson Wood, take a strong stand with respect to independence from vendors in the alternative transportation fuels field. This statement reflects our positioning in the marketplace as an independent source of both practical research and practical management consulting assistance. Since our staff members do not have material conflicts of interest, they are better able to make recommendations that are in the true long-run interests of our clients.


We provide only independent management consulting services, speaking services, writing services, articles, and books.

We do not endorse or espouse the agenda of any governmental entity, industry association, or religious group that has strong positions related to energy. We have no connections with such groups that might cause us to recommend a particular way to transition away from gasoline and petro-diesel.

We do not sell, represent, or act as an agent for any products or services in the energy field (aside from those taking an independent stance, which were mentioned above).

We establish no relationships with vendors in the energy field that would lead to commissions, referral fees, stock options, or any other types of remuneration for endorsements, referrals, contacts, or mentions.

2008 Sterling semi-trailer tractor converted to run on natural gas.The appearance of a particular vehicle on this sitedoes not constitute an endorsement or recommendation.


We sit on no energy vendor Board of Directors, or energy vendor sponsored advisory boards, that might cause us to side with a particular vendor.

We have no outside or moonlighting jobs with vendors in the energy field; all of our work is performed as part of our normal consulting, speaking, and authoring services, and all of our work is subject to this ethical statement.

We do not have and do not seek the status of a “preferred consulting provider” as designated by any vendor in the energy field.

We have many clients and are not financially dependent on any one of them, nor do we seek relationships with clients that would make us so dependent.

We do not allow clients to influence our professional opinion by retaining our services with enhanced fees, large contracts, and the like.

We do not water-down our findings and recommendations to curry favor with clients. We tell the objective truth as we see it, with the client’s best long-run interests in mind. We seek to balance and harmonize the interests of all involved parties, as well as do what is for the highest good.

We disclose all known potential conflicts of interest before accepting consulting or authoring projects.

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