Kicking The Gasoline & Petro-Diesel Habit

Management Consulting Services Offered By Post-Petroleum Transportation

A Sample Of The Management Consulting Services Offered By Post-Petroleum Transportation Staff

(1) STRATEGIC ANALYSES: Analysis of the strategic business implications of peak oil, global warming, and high energy prices, including suggestions on how to leverage these developments to achieve competitive business advantage

(2) CUSTOM PRESENTATIONS: Customized presentations to top management regarding the business implications of peak oil, global warming, alternative fuels, and/or the need to convert to renewable sources of energy provided with the intention to motivate management to take action now

(3) DEPENDENCY INVENTORIES: Petroleum-based fuels dependency inventories, including an analysis of the business processes supported, current fuel cost structures, viable alternative fuels given an organization’s unique situation, and estimated cost to convert to alternative fuels, provided so as to give management with practical decision making information

(4) BUSINESS IMPACT ANALYSES: Business impact analyses examining the consequences a specific organization will face when petroleum prices skyrocket, when fuel rationing is imposed, and/or when shortages develop, so that organizations can then prioritize their operational processes and more readily determine which of these processes need to be converted first

(5) TECHNICAL ANALYSES: Comparative analyses of the pros and cons associated with alternatives to gasoline and petro-diesel, including fixed/variable cost projections, operational business impact analyses, environmental impact analyses, human health impact analyses, and marketing and public relations impact analyses, so that management may then make an informed and grounded choice among the commercially-available alternative fuels

(6) CONTINGENCY PLANNING: Development and testing of contingency plans that would be followed in the event of very high prices for petroleum-based fuels, the governmental imposition of fuel rationing, and/or the development of fuel shortages, so that organizations will be prepared for the turbulent energy markets and the related consequences in the years ahead

(7) INDEPENDENT AUDITS: Due diligence reviews that provide an independent third party perspective of an organization’s internal efforts to convert to alternative fuels, deploy renewable energy technologies for transportation purposes, and/or prepare for the impacts of peak oil, so that management may feel confident that the organization is using all relevant generally accepted practices and that staff has taken reasonable precautions

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